Who is Ballarat Vacate Cleaners?

We are local and owner-operated cleaning business. We provide cleaning for anyone who is moving out or into a property. We specialise in end of lease / bond cleaning and also provide cleaning for post-sale or pre-sale cleaning.

Our services include carpet cleaning, window cleaning and general cleaning. We can also provide gardening, lawn-mowing and rubbish removal.

What is Pre-Sale cleaning?

Pre-Sale cleaning is for anyone who wants to present their property in premium condition for the purpose of sale. This can be done prior to photographs being taken or before home opens are scheduled.

Another option is to have an initial thorough clean and set up a schedule for further touch-up cleans before home opens occur.

How much does cleaning cost?

The cost of cleaning depends on the type of cleaning that is required and the amount of work that is involved. We can provide you with a quote for carpet cleaning, window cleaning, general cleaning or a package of all three.

For an idea on pricing, please go to our prices page, or contact us for a quote now 0448 200 684

How far in advance do I need to book?

There is every chance that we can fit in a late notice booking, please call us on 0448 200 684 to check our availability.  

For the best chance of securing the day and time which you prefer, bookings should be made more than 1-2 weeks in advance.

Will you come out to do a quote?

In most cases we can provide an estimate of the costs over the phone and then attend the property for a firm quote if needed.

Is the carpet cleaning professional?

Apart from 10+ years of experience, all relevant training for professional carpet cleaning has been undertaken and provided by Jena Dyco International. We keep up to date with our training and industry standards on a regular basis.

Will I be given a receipt?

Ballarat Vacate Cleaners will always provide you with a receipt.

Is Ballarat Vacate Cleaners insured?

Yes, we are insured for public liability for up to $10 000 000 and can provide a copy of our certificate of currency upon request.

Do I need to provide any cleaning equipment or products?

Absolutely not! We will come ready with everything we need to get the work done.

What type of carpet cleaning do you provide?

We use modern and powerful carpet cleaning machines and top of the range carpet cleaning products. The type of cleaning provided is traditional carpet cleaning that is commonly called carpet steam cleaning.

Can you do the gardening too?

Yes, we can provide gardening, lawn mowing, weeding and also any rubbish removal needs.

Can you take our rubbish away?

Yes, we can provide rubbish removal and also any gardening needs.

Do you operate on the weekends?

Ballarat Vacate Cleaners operates Monday to Friday 8:30am - 5:30pm.

Do you work outside of Ballarat?

Yes! We will travel up to 20 mins out of Ballarat for no extra charge, further travel times may incur a small fee.

Please contact us for further information.

Do I need to be there while you are cleaning?

Not at all. We can pre-arrange a means to gain entry to the property and a way to secure the property once the cleaning is completed.

What can I expect to be done?

For an end-of-lease / bond clean, you can expect that everything required to get your bond back (in terms of cleaning) will be attended to. With our 10 years of experience, we are well aware of the expectations of property managers. You can be sure that they will be impressed with the state of cleanliness that you present the property back to them if you engage our services.

We provide general cleaning, window cleaning, and carpet cleaning. We can also take care of any gardening and rubbish removal needs.
General cleaning includes:

  • A full kitchen clean including oven, stove, and range hood
  • Full bathroom cleaning including shower screens and tiles
  • Laundry cleaning
  • Dusting and cobweb removal
  • Cleaning of walls, skirting boards, doors, architraves, light switches, light fittings, exhaust fans, ceiling fans, air-conditioning vents, and window tracks
  • Sweeping out of the garage  
  • Vacuuming and washing floors

For a full and detailed list of what is included in an end-of-lease / bond clean, please visit our services page.

For Post-Sale cleaning you may not need a clean as thorough as a bond clean. Your cleaning needs can be discussed prior to us attending the property and we can tailor a clean to suit you.

For Pre-Sale cleaning, we recommend cleaning light fittings, windows and carpet cleaning. It’s amazing the difference cleaning those three things can make to the appearance of your property! Any of our services can be included in a Pre-Sale clean. Let us know your needs, or we can advise you.

For a list of all our services, please visit our services page.

To what standard can I expect the cleaning to be done?

Ballarat Vacate Cleaners will always clean to a high standard. Our business is built on our reputation, our positive reviews and word-of-mouth advertising. Providing an exceptional service every time is paramount to our business and our future.

Do I need to have moved out before I get an end-of-lease / bond clean done?

When providing you with a full vacate / end-of-lease / bond clean or carpet cleaning, it is necessary to have the property empty before we come to clean.

If you are not getting a full vacate clean, as long as the areas involved are empty or clear, then that is sufficient. For example if we are only cleaning the carpet, or the bathrooms.

How long will the cleaning take to do?

Of course it depends on how much work there is to be done. Generally though, we need 2 hours for carpet cleaning and half or a whole day for a full vacate clean, depending on the size of the property.

How many cleaners will attend the property?

There will be between 1 and 3 cleaners present.

How do I pay?

Payment needs to be received on completion of the work. We accept cash, or an electronic bank transfer. With an electronic bank transfer, we must be provided or shown a copy of the receipt of transfer on completion of the work.

What if the real estate agent isn’t happy?

On the very rare occurrence that the real estate agent isn't happy with our cleaning (the cleaning that we agreed to and then were paid to do), we will return to the property to rectify any issues.

What if I’m not happy with the cleaning?

We will always make sure you are happy with the cleaning before issuing you with an invoice and accepting payment. If you cannot view the property on completion of the work and later find anything (the cleaning that we agreed to and then were paid to do) that you are unhappy with, we will return to the property to rectify any issues.

What if I need to change or cancel my booking?

If you need to change your booking date or time, please contact us as soon as possible and we will do our best to accommodate you.

If you need to cancel, please be kind and call us as soon as possible on 0448 200 684.

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Ballarat Vacate Cleaners provide Carpet Cleaning, Window Cleaning and Vacate House Cleaning for Ballarat and surrounding areas.

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